Tips to help put an end to Bed Wetting (Enuresis) now!

Did you know that:

15% of 5 year olds wet their bed,

5% of 10 year olds wet their bed,

and many of these enuresis cases continue into adulthood?

Here we've provided some useful tips to help prevent bedwetting, and to get the most out of these audio bed wetting products.

Avoid using the term "Wet Bed". Use the term/s "Dry Bed" or "Dry Sheets" instead.

Always avoid criticism, and prevent other children from "making fun" of the child.

Always check with the child to ensure the bladder is empty before going to bed.

Ask the child to avoid drinking just before bed-time, unless necessary to relieve thirst.

Allow the audio to be played each night after the child has settled into bed, and is ready to sleep.

Allow the audio to play to the end, even if the child has gone to sleep. They’ll be happier when bedwetting stops

Continue use of the audio nightly for up to three months (or even longer if necessary).

Get an "award" calendar (download ours for free) on which stars or happy faces can be placed whenever a dry night occurs. Over time, the child will endeavour to achieve five consecutive dry nights.

Happy not wetting his bed.A memorable reward should be presented when this is achieved. (For example, a trip to the zoo, or a movie.)

When this milestone has been achieved, if the child was using security pants, then use of these should be discontinued.

If the child misses a dry night after this time, avoid resorting to security pants again. Instead, continue use of the audio, and provide the child with encouragement and support.

Show them this diagram (You can print a high resolution version out for them too).

This diagram will help them to easily visualize their brain as the "Master Computer" of their body, and that during the day, their brain and bladder normally "talk" to each other. When the bladder gets full, it sends a message to the brain, and the brain says "OK, Get Ready", and then it causes the gate to open to let the wee out.

We wish you success and invite you to contact us if we can be of more assistance.