Rosemary SantosRosemary Santos is a sought after professional counsellor, stress management consultant, and clinical hypnotherapist, who has her private practice in Geelong, and also at Ocean Grove on the Bellarine Peninsula, in Victoria, Australia.

Experience with bedwetting help.Rosemary has been helping people find solutions to a wide range of problems for many years, and the great success of her work is now available through this brilliant range of bedwetting audio presentations.

Intially, these CD's were produced to help adults with various issues, such as weight loss, smoking cessation, low self-esteem and confidence etc.

But it wasn't long before Rosemary realised that many parents needed help with children's issues, such as bed-wetting, phobias, fear of the dark, negative attitude, poor concentration etc.

So SleepTime Audio was created to address these problems, and these products proved to work so effectively that many parents began ordering them even before they'd been produced.

One mother said:

"A week ago, we couldn't get him to bed, but now he just can't wait to get to bed to listen to your CD's. We want every one of them". More testimonials here.